Oakland, CA


My Philosophy

"I truly trust the birth process and believe that most women have the inherent ability to birth babies with ease.   The key is continuous emotional support that keeps the fear away during birth."

Postpartum Testimonials

“Linda helped us as a postpartum doula a couple months after our twins were born. When we first met her, I was immediately impressed by her calm presence and competence. She taught us how to handle two babies at once, how to soothe them for naps and get them to nap in their own beds, and gave me a much-needed break when they were awake. Her knowledge of babies and breastfeeding is immense, and I know I became a better, more confident mother thanks to her expertise. I especially appreciated the way she helped me figure out how to breastfeed my twins together; her help was crucial in keeping us breastfeeding—now my babies are almost a year old and still nursing! I'll be forever grateful to Linda for everything she taught me."

Larissa, Geoffrey, Nick and Dash

“Linda was our night doula several nights a week for four months after the arrival of our twins in October 2010. She is experienced, reliable and unfailingly calm with fussy infants and sleep-deprived parents. The twins loved her and I trusted her completely to care for the babies overnight while my husband and I got some much-needed sleep. I'm still not sure how she managed to feed, change and soothe our two newborns on her own. She had an almost otherworldly ability to calm the babies and get them to sleep. Linda was a lifesaver during the early months with the babies and I'd hire her again in an instant.”

Laura, Tomio, Rebecca and Max

"The moment Linda walked in the door, a wave of relief passed over us. We knew from the start that she was the right fit for our family.  As new parents of preemie born twins, we needed help and we needed it right away. Linda to the rescue!!

She has the experience, the wisdom, and most importantly to us, the instinct and temperament to care for newborn babies as well as the gentle touch that is needed to deal with the parents of newborns. Linda is kind, gentle, and loving and she became an a essential member of our support network immediately. Often times we would count down the minutes until Linda would arrive, knowing that in her care, our babies would be in the best of hands, and that we could get the sleep we so badly needed. The nights that Linda stayed with us, we slept "like babies" too. 
We think back so fondly on the days that Linda came to help our family. She was, quite literally, a life saver for us."



Amy-lyn, Matt, Nathaniel and  Rebekah