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Labor and Postpartum Services in Oakland, California









Labor Support
Once you agree to a contract with The First Six Weeks,  I will provide two prenatal visits and at least two postpartum visits.  I  will be on call 24/7 for answering questions, support and availability for your labor.   I will be with you during  labor at your home when you need me there and during labor and delivery at home, birth center or hospital to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


Postpartum Support

I will come to  your home day or night to help you care for your newborn. You can count on me to take good care of both you and your newborn(s), allowing you to rest and recover from the effects of childbirth and to learn all that is necessary to care for your baby.



Twin Care

I  specialize in providing hands-on care for twins. I will provide you with helpful information on how you can make a smooth transition to family life with two babies.  And at night, care for your babies so that you can be well rested.





Birth Journey Photography

Photography is a second love of mine.  I truly enjoy documenting your journey to motherhood, from third trimester maternity photos to documenting your labor/birth story and the precious moments following the birth.  I photograph during all my births.  I will send you proofs and you may purchase any or all, if you so desire. 

I'm also available to document your maternity or birth journey without attending as your Doula.  See my website for more information (

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My Philosophy

"I truly trust the birth process and believe that most women have the inherent ability to birth babies with ease.   The key is continuous emotional support that keeps the fear away during birth."